Sqoop Playbook- A Beginner Guide to Sqoop

Item Description

This is the only book you need to learn Sqoop. This Sqoop Playbook starts from the basics of Sqoop and touches the advanced level.

Sqoop is an ultimate tool in Hadoop ecosystem used to import and export the data to and from a relational database to Hadoop system.

While analyzing the data warehouse or any relational data using Hadoop, Sqoop is the tool which will help you a lot.

I have tried my best to touch the basics of everything, and you just need some knowledge of RDBMS to get started.If you know how to create a table in MySQL, this book will be very handy for you to go through Sqoop Playbook.

Features of this Sqoop Playbook

  • Detailed explanation
  • Touches the very basic points
  • Go up to advanced level
  • Practical approach
  • Examples of operation
  • Reference included
  • Scripts and Images included
  • Developed considering the newbies
  • Low price

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Buyers' Feedback

I bought Sqoop playbook book a week ago and found it extremely helpful.

The language is very simple and easy to understand and basics have been taken care of.

Enjoyed reading it.

I bought the book just a couple of days ago and I am going through it.

It is an ultimate book to start Sqoop from scratch.