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HdfsTutorial's Hadoop Admin Online training helps you gain expertise to maintain large and complex Hadoop Clusters by Planning, Installation, Configuration, Monitoring & Tuning. This course covers the complete understanding of Administration activity along with security and other aspects of Hadoop Admin Requirement.

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    As per Forbes, Hadoop Market is expected to reach $99.31 Bn by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 42.1% from 2015.
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    Over 50,000+ MNCs are hiring Hadoop Admin professional to manage and scale their Hadoop cluster effectively.
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    As per PayScale.com, Hadoop Admin professional earns around USD 110K per year in USA.
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    As per McKinsey, there will be a shortage of 1.5 M data experts by 2018 which includes Hadoop admins as well.

Why Learn Hadoop Administrator From HDFSTutorial?

HDFSTutorial is a leading online training provider worldwide on the leading and latest technologies and business processes. Here are some of the unique features of HDFSTutorial's Hadoop Admin online training course.

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    Instructor-led Sessions- 24 hrs of instructor-led online training on weekend/weekdays.
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    Real-life Case Studies- You will be working on many real-time projects and case studies
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    Placement assistance- We will help you with resume preparation and 100% placement assistance.
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    Assignments- With every class, you will receive assignments which will be discussed in the next class
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    24 x 7 Expert Support- You can get your technical problems and doubts resolved 24x7
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    Support Forum- Ask your doubts related to course and career and get experts’ advice
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    Lifetime Access- HdfsTutorial’s LMS will allow you to access class presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings for life-time.
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    Certification- After course completion, you’ll be awarded HdfsTutorial Hadoop Admin certificate which you can show and share to increase your chance to land the job.
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    Flexible Schedule- Select the timing as per your requirements

Hadoop Admin Online Training Course Description

The HdfsTutorial’s Hadoop Admin online training course is job oriented. It has been developed by considering the industry needs and candidates’ expectations.

About the Hadoop Admin Online Training Course

Training Objective

Why Learn Hadoop Administration?

Who should take this Training?

What are the prerequisites for taking this Training Course?

Hadoop Admin Curriculum

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  • Module-2
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  • Module-4
  • Module-5
  • Module-6
  • Module-7
  • Module-8
  • Projects/Real-Time Case Studies

Projects & Real-Time Case Studies

You will be working on industry projects which will help you become an expert in Hadoop Administration. Here are the few projects you will work.

  • 1. Setup a minimum 2 Node Hadoop Cluster with AWS/Cloudera/HortonWorks

  • Node 1 - Namenode, JobTracker, datanode, tasktracker
    Node 2 – Secondary namenode, datanode, tasktracker

    2. Create a simple text file and copy to HDFS- Name it as firstfile.txt
  • Locate the node where the file has been copied in HDFS
    After operation find on which datanode, output data is written

    3. Create a large text file and copy to HDFS with a block size of 256 MB. Keep all the other files in default block size and find how block size has an impact on the performance.

    4. Set a spaceQuota of 200MB for projects and copy a file of 70MB with replication=2
    Identify the reason the system is not letting you copy the file?
    How will you solve this problem without increasing the spaceQuota?

    5. Configure Rack Awareness and copy the file to HDFS

  • Find its rack distribution and identify the command used for it.
    Find out how to change the replication factor of the existing file.

    The final certification project is based on real world use cases as follows:

    Problem Statement 1:
    1. Setup a Hadoop cluster with a single node or a 2-node cluster with all daemons like namenode, datanode, JobTracker, tasktracker, a secondary namenode that must run in the cluster with block size = 128MB.
    2. Write a Namespace ID for the cluster and create a directory with name space quota as 10 and a space quota of 100MB in the directory.
    3. Use the distcp command to copy the data to the same cluster or a different cluster, and create the list of data nodes participating in the cluster.

    Problem statement 2:
    1. Save the namespace of the Namenode, without using the secondary namenode, and ensure that the edit file merge, without stopping the namenode daemon.
    2. Set include file, so that no other nodes can talk to the namenode.
    3. Set the cluster re-balancer threshold to 40%.
    4. Set the map and reduce slots to s4 and 2 respectively for each node.


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Reviews From Our Earlier Students

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 ​Philip Westing 

Worked as Linux Admin


I was working as a Linux Admin and wanted to learn Hadoop Administration to enhance my skills and switch the job. I can say, the HdfsTutorial team provided an amazing training on Hadoop Administration. I worked on multiple project and happy to say, I was able to change my job in Hadoop Admin field.

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 Kanak Yadav

Windows Administrator


I was working as a Windows admin in HCL and thought to learn Hadoop Admin for better career prospective. I joined HdfsTutorial's Online session and now I am serving the notice in my company.I received a good offer from another MNC in Noida.