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Who can help with data visualization ? Urgent !  


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15/10/2018 10:11 am  

Hi guys ! Who can help? I need chart who enables one to export images of high resolution and quality.  And get it for free.

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16/10/2018 6:02 pm  

Hello , manche 
U can use AtomicusChart® for it 

AtomicusChart® enables one to export images of high resolution and quality. Tool can export images up to 16000x16000 pixels resolution with customizable size compensation of text, line and point data that are dependent on a pixel size.

This enables to avoid a typical problem with image export. Since the resolution provided by printers is very high, export of image as it is results in a poor quality – one will see pixels (especially for thin lines and text).

On website u can get free trial . Have fun!

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