What is Snus and its Impact

As per the standard definition, snus is an alternative to smoking which doesn’t require direct smoking but carries huge health hazards.

The EU region banned the uses of Snus way back in 1992 but available in some regions. Snus are made in Sweden and made available in Nordic regions. Currently, it is banned in all EU countries except Sweden. In the region where it is legal, Snus is being considered as an alternative to smoking and chewing.

It is placed in the mouth usually under the upper or lower lips and consumed.

Snus is less harmful?

Well, this is a debatable topic and different experts have different opinions on this. According to Michael Steinberg, director of the tobacco dependence program at Rutgers University- the use of snus is less harmful. He also adds that there is a big difference between less harmful and safe. And so, snus must not be considered safe in any way.

The similar view has been expressed by Erika Sward who is AVP of national advocacy for the American Lung Association. She says, It’s difficult to say that something is as toxic for you as smoking a cigarette unless you’re starting to talk about ingesting cyanide or rat poison.

As said earlier, Snus got started in Sweden as an alternative to smoking and a way to preserve tobacco. It has also helped the people of Sweden lowering the smoking rates. Although the snus intake has increased but more than half of them are ex smokers.

And the same goes with the Norway region as well. People of Norway have either started taking snus as to quit smoking or an alternative to cigarettes.
Also, the way snus is being prepared in Sweden is different from other countries. Like recently in oyster parts as well, there has been some spike but the product is different from what we have in Sweden. Follow this site to get more about it.

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