Nicotine pouches market size- Trends & figures

You might have heard about nicotine pouches which are a derived product of tobacco and are available in most of the region. This is not a direct tobacco but kind of modified version of it.

This doesn’t mean that using nicotine pouches is not injurious. It can also cause several health related problems. Although this is a debatable topic- whether nicotine pouches make less harm or not. Different researchers have their own opinion.

Majority of those agree to the fact that is comparatively less harmful but how much, is still unknown. You can check the different kinds of such products here.

In this post, we will be talking about the nicotine pouch market size. We will see a lot of trends, facts, and figures about the industry.

Following are the 4 major flavors types in which these products are available in the market-

  • Coffee Flavors
  • Mint Flavors
  • Fruit Flavors
  • Other Flavors

And these are being sold by both online and offline means. Although there are many locations where such products are banned. The countries like Sweden where these products are sold have seen a huge jump in the users. A positive side of the consumption of nicotine pouch is, people who have opted it are old smokers. And it is expected that those smokers have started using it to get a hold on smoking.

The below report shows how it has been varied in the following regions-

As per the report by Statista, daily consumption of certain products related to tobacco in 2014. And the trend is simply increasing.

On an average half a 34 gram can of smokeless tobacco contains around 236 mg of nicotine. If we talk about the price, there are 2 kinds of products like value products and premium products.

These were some high level nicotine pouch market size and trends. Feel free to share with others.

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