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11 Best Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping is the technique to get the data from some other website. There are many best web scraping tools that help you in that purpose.

You might have seen the comparison website like or 91mobile. These sites show the price comparison for different products on their website. All these can be done with the data scraped.

There are multiple ways to do web scraping and the easiest one is to use some best web scraping tool. Although you can also achieve web scraping using R and web scraping using Python but these tools automate the process.

best web scraping toolsIn this post, I am going to list some top web scraping tools. Some of these are free web scraping tools while others are paid. Even some need to be installed on your system while many works as a browser extension as well.

Although it is recommended to use this web scraping software for the less complicated websites only. If the website which you’re looking to scrap is way more complicated then it will be difficult. And in such cases, you may go for any full-fledged web scraping services.

So, use these top web scraping tools for your easy data scraping like getting the reviews, pricing, comments, etc. Another problem with such web scraping tools is, these are difficult to scale. So, if you’re looking to get the data on a very large scale, then also many of such automated web scraping software won’t work.

In such cases, you always have the option to do web scraping in R or web scraping in python or can hire someone to create API for such purpose.

11 Best Web Scraping Tools [Free and Paid Data Extracting Tools]

Here are the top 11 web scraping tools which you can use to get the data from some other website. You can use this data for competitor analysis or benchmarking. You can also use these to find how the market is working.

Based on the experience we had with a few tools and reviews, here is the curated list of top 11 web scraping tools you can use.

#1 ProWebScrapper

prowebscrapperProWebScrapper is one of the best web scraping tools available providing scalable and seamless services. You can get clean and actionable data that can be further used to generate insights.

ProWebScrapper is free for anyone with the first 1000 pages and after that, you can pay some amount. They have a pricing calculator which says $40 will be charged for 5000 pages and so on. There are only three steps in the web scrapping process with ProWebScrapper-

  1. Enter the website URL from where you want to extract the data
  2. Configure scrapper
  3. Download the scrapped data using JSON and API in seconds

This is a web-based scrapper and you can sign up to scrap the first 1000 pages free. There are many features of ProWebScrapper like scheduling, URL generator, pagination, automated data delivery, and more.

Sign up for ProWebScrapper free and get first 1000 pages free

#2 is one of the leading web scraper tools we have currently. It is in the form of a browser extension and helps you get the desired data. With around 250k users, enables you to even get the data from the dynamic websites.

Currently, it’s available for the Google Chrome browser and helps you export the data in the CSV file. You can even automate the extraction process by scheduling it. For local use, is free while if you want cloud credits or automation then you can subscribe for a paid plan.



data is another top web scraping tool available in the form of a chrome extension. You can download and install it in your browser and access it from the desktop. The name of the extension is- Data Scraper – Easy Web Scraping.

You can scrap the desired data as per your choice and download it in either an excel sheet or a CSV file. The data will be secured and you don’t need any proxy for data scraping with Also, you can do scraping automation and make it run on schedule.

If you’re looking to play on a small scale, is free and allows you to scrap 500 pages per month. For more, you can subscribe to a paid plan which starts at $49 per month.



scrapyScrapy is a powerful and reliable web scraping and crawling framework. The best thing about Scrapy is, it’s an open-source framework for extracting the data you need from the website based on your requirements. You can download Scrapy either on your system or on ScrapyCloud. To install, use the following code-

$ pip install scrapy

As it’s an open-source project and so it’s free to use on your system. But if you want to use ScrapyCloud then for one hour of crawl time it’s free and can be extended with paid pricing which starts at $9 per unit per month.


#5 Scraper

scraperThe scraper is another chrome extension used for web scraping. It has been developed by a freelancer who has an account on GitHub with the user-id- dvhtn. One issue that I found with Scraper is, it has not been updated for long. Scraper allows you to scrap the data into spreadsheets and export as required.

This is a basic web scraping chrome extension and is recommended for the research purpose only.


#6 is another modern web data scraping tool helping you to get the desired data quickly. It also helps you convert the unstructured data to machine-readable content as needed. With the help of, you can get historical data, blogs, reviews, pricing, and more very easily. This is a premium tool with 1000 requests as a trial. The premium plan starts at $39 per month for 1000 requests.

You can use such scraped data for financial analysis, market research, media & web monitoring, and more.



outwit-technologiesOutWit is another leading web scraping software available to harvest the web. It’s a data extractor built-in web browser. But if you want to use this as a browser extension, you may download it from Mozilla Firefox add-ons. It helps you extract the web data without any coding skills and suits best for the data harvesting. You can use outwit for extracting the data related to news, ads, SEO, social networking sites data, contacts, job search, and more. It’s a premium tool and comes with $45 per year or $69 for a one-time purchase which is beneficial.



fminerFMiner is a visual web scraping software with a micro recorder and diagram designer. It helps you with web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web crawling, and more. The best thing about FMiner is, it is available for both Windows and MAC systems. It has a visual editor using which you can design what all fields you need and it takes not more than 10 minutes to extract the data from any URL.

To use FMiner, you don’t need to have any prior coding knowledge, and also support the extraction from dynamic websites. FMiner is a premium web scraping tool and the pricing starts at $168 for windows and $228 for MAC.


#9 PySpider

pyspiderIf you’re a technical person or have someone who can handle this then PySpider can be the top web crawler tool choice. It is a web crawler tool written in Python and supports JavaScript pages in a distributed architecture. With PySpider, you can run multiple crawlers as well and for the database, you may use MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, etc. to store the data.

For the best use of PySpider, you also need to use message queues like RabbitMQ, Beanstalk, Redis, etc. PySpider has one of the best UI which helps you manage the tasks, ongoing activities, and more easily. You have the option to save data either in CSV file or in JSON formats. Another benefit of PySpider is, it supports heavy AJAX websites as well.

URL- Check on GitHub

#10 Apify SDK-

apifyIt is a Node.js library and much like a scrappy positioning system. Apify SDK is a web scraping tool and web crawling library for JavaScript and Node.js. It runs on JavaScript and can automate any workflow. You can either use Apify SDK locally on your system or on the cloud. Apify has its own cloud where you can use the tool which is paid. If you want to install Apify, you can use the below command in command prompt or shell-

$npm install apify



parsehubParsehub is another leading web scraping tool and in fact one of the most powerful web crawling software as well. You can download the Parsehub desktop app and choose the site to scrape. Then you can select the data which needs to be scrapped. And finally, when the data is ready, you can access it via JSON, Excel file, or by an API.

You can start with Parsehub for free where it allows you to scrap 200 pages per run. If you need more, you can go for premium which starts at $149 per month.


Conclusion- Which is the best web scraping tool?

These were the top 10 web scraping tools that you can use to scrape the data from the web. These top data extraction software or web crawling software can help you when you need some small set of data from other websites. Do try any of these and get the desired data in minutes.

Also, if you need any further help from web scraping, you can ask those in a comment.

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