Apache Spark Scala Online Training

​Apache Spark and Scala online training at HdfsTutorial will make you an expert in ​Apache Spark and Scala which is way faster than Hadoop. ​The Apache Spark and Scala online training course has been designed considering the industry needs and Cloudera Certified Associate Spark Hadoop Developer Certification Exam CCA175.

​You will be learning the programming language Scala and working on Spark. Also, the course is equipped with a number of industry projects which will help you land a job quickly.

Certified Associate Spark Hadoop Developer Certification Exam CCA175
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    ​As Per Forbes, Apache Spark has overtaken Hadoop as most active open source Big Data Platform. It is also faster than Hadoop.
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    ​Almost all the companies are now using Apache Spark for their big data analysis.
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    As per ​Indeed, ​an Apache Spark professional earns around USD 108K per year
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    Huge shortage of ​Apache Spark professional in the industry

Why Learn ​Apache Spark and Scala From HDFSTutorial?

HDFSTutorial is a leading online training provider worldwide on the leading and latest technologies and business processes. Here are some of the unique features of HDFSTutorial Apache Spark online training course.

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    Instructor-led Sessions- 24 hrs of instructor-led online training on weekend/weekdays.
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    Real-life Case Studies- You will be working on many real-time projects and case studies
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    Placement assistance- We will help you with resume preparation and 100% placement assistance.
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    Assignments- With every class, you will receive assignments which will be discussed in the next class
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    24 x 7 Expert Support- You can get your technical problems and doubts resolved 24x7
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    Support Forum- Ask your doubts related to course and career and get experts’ advice
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    Lifetime Access- HdfsTutorial’s LMS will allow you to access class presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings for life-time.
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    Certification- After course completion, you’ll be awarded HdfsTutorial ​Apache Spark and Scala certificate which you can show and share to increase your chance to land the job.
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    Flexible Schedule- Select the timing as per your requirements

Course Description

The HdfsTutorial’s ​Apache Spark online training course is job oriented. It has been developed by considering the industry needs and candidates’ expectations.

About the ​Apache Spark Online Training Course

Training Objective

Why Learn Power BI?

Who should take this Training?

What are the prerequisites for taking this Training Course?


  • Module-1
  • Module-2
  • Module-3
  • Module-4
  • Module-5
  • Module-6
  • Module-8
  • Projects/Real-Time Case Studies
  • 10th Tab

Module 6: ​Spark SQL and Data Frames

  • Need for Spark SQL
  • What is Spark SQL?
  • Spark SQL Architecture
  • SQL Context in Spark SQL
  • Data Frames & Datasets
  • Interoperating with RDDs
  • JSON and Parquet File Formats
  • Loading Data through Different Sources
  • Hands-on exercise and projects on Module 5 with daily assignments