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We have started Hadoop Tutorial Sites to get you on board with Big Data and Hadoop.

Even if you don’t know about H of Hadoop, believe me I will take you through each and every point of it.

Hi, Welcome to the HDFS Tutorial site. We are covering the complete Hadoop and their ecosystems tutorial and HDFS Tutorial, Sqoop Tutorial and Hive Tutorial are a part of it.

We are working very hard to make this site a hub for the Hadoop learning and get the complete Big Data World here.

About Me: Ashutosh Jha

Ashutosh JhaHey Friends,

Let me formally introduce myself. I’m Ashutosh Jha, and I run and manage HDFS Tutorial along with other Hadoop related sites. I’m a passionate guy, smart worker and love to play with the Big Data.

I was working in a support project and loved working on the data part and so decided to move on Big Data and after several attempts, now I can say that I am enjoying it.

I don’t want you to simply waste your time and so I will be guiding you here and I am sure you can easily enter and play with the big data that we get every day.

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